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What is a CECO HOME?

CECO HOME is the new ecosystem for Cellular Connected Homes

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iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

An expandable modular system

CECO ecosystem consists of different modules (Things): routers, sensors, smart plugs, actuators and more, to solve real problems in your home with the focus on reliability and security.

  • Break-in Alerts

    Will do that reliably and securely, because it does not depend on unreliable Wi-Fi connection.

  • Power Cut Alarm

    Will notify you and help to prevent costly damage.

  • Temperature Monitoring

    Will notify you of a temperature rise/fall in your greenhouse or fish tank.

This ecosystem is self-sustaining and based on it you can build a fully connected smart home.

iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

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Very simple

We know you are tired of difficult solutions that take efforts to configure. Each module of CECO HOME is Plug & Play.

iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

We know your concern about security in Internet of Things

Ultra secure and reliable

CECO is very secure compared to Wi-Fi, due to the nature of cellular and Thread technologies.

It is self-monitoring and is therefore very reliable and keeps your smart home online at all times - alerting you of any problems immediately. This ecosystem does not depend on unreliable Wi-Fi and can also serve as a backup for Wi-Fi enabled homes and for a Wi-Fi router, which it can reboot when the Wi-Fi fails.

It also works with all cell phones - smartphones or non-smartphones - and regardless of the availability of internet connection to the phone - for example, when you are traveling.

Finally, CECO ecosystem has Open API for geeks, who are not satisfied with just Plug & Play, but want to get more out of the technology. DIY enthusiasts can build any solution for a connected home that will incorporate all the above mentioned benefits.