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CECO HOME is a project for the public. We want everyone who is inspired by the idea of Cellular Connected Home to join us and get in there. We are starting to gather community. We would like to invite you to join a closed LinkedIn group that we think will be the best private place for discussions about the CECO ecosystem. We do not expect to publish all documents and news to the public area, but to the private LinkedIn group only. We have created community on Google+ and group on Facebook too. Later, together with you, we will decide which area works best for everyone, but we expect this will be LinkedIn.

iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android
iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

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Current progress

Please check the Terminology page for a better understanding of what we say below.

Smart Plugs. Our iSocket Smart Plugs are available and they are now part of the CECO HOME ecosystem. See them all on

Sensors and actuators. Our iSocket Sensors are available and they are also part of the CECO HOME ecosystem now. See them at The World of iSocket.

iSocket 3G is already available for pre-ordering for USA and Canada. This won't have Thread at the moment, but it is cellular with Open API.

The First CellThing - The Internet of Thing Multiplug, router, is hot off the press.

The main CellThing for DIY - CECO MODULE - is at the design stage, but we can release it quick - as soon as we receive feedback on the features you want to see there, because this will be a module that everyone can use to create their own final products, including routers. And we need to make it useful for everyone.

Basic API already exists and we will share it as soon as the community gets traction. With this basic API you can easily connect things via cellular for two-way live communication, using your own IoT server solutions. The protocol is TCP.

We have a basic IoT server based on sockets (Ratchet library). This is enough for our own purposes - for our customers. We do not lock CellThings to work with only this cloud. Neither do we aim to direct all traffic from CellThings via our cloud or offer this cloud out to rent. We want you build your own server solutions with any technology you like for anyone you like. CellThings are connected with TCP - choose any technology you want for the IoT server. But we plan to provide basic SDK for our solution if you would like to use the same.

A Cloudless Solution is something that comes as standard with any of the CellThings. So that’s available. We even have customer who use it globally. This customer is Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Apps. We have apps for a Cloudless Solution, but we give you the facility to write via-cloud-apps for all customers, include ours. In the future we plan to organize a contest for mobile apps developers with rewards and an opportunity to join our team as app developer.

Community and groups. Don't be surprised that it's not crowded. ;) While hardware and software is ready, the gathering of community is in the start phase. Join us!